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His investigative process stems from his thoughts and reflections, which are captured using various techniques based on gestures and often unconscious impulses. Within them, drawings, textures, letters, words, phrases, figures, blots, washes, smudges, cut-outs, and transparencies blend together, generating a graphic language that transversely defines Andrés’ work.

Following the idea, its inception then, is a prolonged graphic line traced onto a surface, or in other words, his first gesture is a simple stroke. From there, a series of milestones, sequences, and movements trigger a non-violent (uncontrolled) frenzy that leads to what this artist needs to express. Thus, his works are the result of what he has questioned, imagined, observed, and learned. Sometimes adding, removing, or concealing elements across various mediums, his works are part of an experimentation seeking to reveal his honest way of creating.

In his insistent constancy of doing and making, Andrés has generated systems often linked to abstraction, highlighting the traces of his actions. Layers constructed both from the time used and the desire to make visible those reflections that emerge, evolve, disassemble, and reassemble.

Ultimately, his impulses end up as material and represent the quest to understand what surrounds him (and us), without neglecting the development of his emotions and the connections he finds between his inner world and the external, considering that the only thing that separates them is the thin skin that encases his body. Hence, an intimate individuality emerges, seeking exposure and connection to our realities, so that together, and in their humanity, the questions he poses expand, adhering to other similar inquiries that arise in those who encounter his work