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REFLEJOS      2024

It is an honor for Santo Diablo to inaugurate the exhibition “Reflections” by the artist and architect, Andrés Rakos, on February 9th. This exhibition invites viewers to reflect on the relationship between the individual and society. Using a combination of words and phrases, Rakos seeks to represent different aspects of contemporary reality, such as hopelessness, the need for change, lack of control, and the desire to escape social constraints. The action of crossing out, scratching, and erasing in his artworks establishes a visual metaphor for the uncertainty and fluidity of our current reality, where things can become confusing and ambiguous. The “Reflections” show presents a series of provocative works that aim to foster human connection and question our behavior in today’s society. We invite you to be part of this significant event at Santo Diablo, where Andrés Rakos’ works challenge us to look beyond the obvious and reflect on our place. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this artistic experience from February 9th to March 9th.