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CTRL-ALT-SUPR      2022-2023


Francisca Bezmalinović

The project ‘Ctrl-Alt-Supr, Return to the Beginning’ by the artist Andrés Rakos is an intimate and instinctive work born from the need to hear and express his own voice. The artworks that are part of it reflect this inner vibration process that finds its means of expression in painting. It’s a sensitive, intuitive, energetic work, distant from all external noise, unconsciously visualizing a profound emotional state. As an experimental and liberating gesture, he decides to express himself for the first time in large formats that allow him to capture this internal overflow.

Thus, there are games of fairly abstract figuration, with some strokes, lines, letters, erasures, marks, signs, etc. showing a constant and impulsive process of making and unmaking in the pursuit of a work of immaterial expansion. These signs fail to fully reveal or say, leaving it to the spectators who ultimately give them a sense of infinite possibilities. Words spoken backwards and partly erased shed light on the process of returning to the beginning, leaving behind, resetting, to thus, from nothingness, give birth to new meanings that align with his inner voice.

In chromatic terms, the use of pure colors reinforces the depth of his creations. Whites and blacks represent the journey to the origin, a search for harmony, balance, and correlation between his inner self and the external or apparent reality. Despite their contrast, this interplay of forces is perceived as calm and complete, where light and darkness do not merge to avoid diluting this magical process of resetting the silenced body.

During the journey, he doesn’t attempt to control his emotional upheaval; thus, intermediate tones or great nuances aren’t observed, but simply a determined attempt to find the clarity and purity that represents the possibility of expressing his true desires or revealing himself in the work in a state of higher human evolution of truth and encounter with his essential self. His warm whites evidence this moment of pause and interruption, oxygenation and trust, providing calmness, silence, strength, and security to magnify his spiritual impressions. It’s no coincidence that the last work born for this exhibition is unconsciously the clearest, the arrival at something prior, the beginning, the void, a great blot and reset evidence a promising moment.

Although in some works we see more visual density, his serene palette and soft contrasts give it a particular power, making the set of works stand out especially for their simplicity, purity, warmth, and luminosity, which in turn highlights the valuable poetic talent of the artist. Chance is a determining pictorial element in his works. This manifests in the impossibility of controlling the spontaneous process of creation and, in turn, because the final result will depend on the spectator who, when experiencing the work, connects with their own imagination, consciousness, and memory, giving it a diverse meaning in each particular case, turning this individual expression into a collective reflection, acquiring sense and beauty.

Beyond all the aesthetic qualities of the work, this is a pictorial work that stands out and is perceived as a deep, spontaneous, and free process of creation, knowledge, and re-knowledge that gives rise to a powerful and unexpected visual image. His immediate, intuitive, and impulsive gesture accounts for a process of transformation, awareness, and trance towards a true existence. In this, his restless soul is laid bare in an act of hope and inner loyalty, unintentionally revealing an evolved artistic talent. Something that perhaps starts as an innocent gesture gains vital strength when finding true meaning and significance in their alignment with their inner state.

Ultimately, the true wealth and transcendence of this pictorial work lies precisely in that which is so honest and personal, because in ‘Ctrl-Alt-Supr, Return to the Beginning,’ what truly connects is his art and his soul.